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Gujarat | Maharashtra

Human Welfare Nutrition Ongoing


To provide  wholesome balanced meals to children from underprivileged families in   the tribal belts of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Why did we do it?

One of our most impactful initiatives has been the digitization of Zilla Parishad Schools in the villages between Kalyan and Murbad. During our ground visits to these villages, we witnessed poverty and malnourishment on a very large scale, especially amongst children belonging to the Adivasi tribe, which is the lowest strata of the society in these villages. The Government has successfully implemented the Mid Day Meal Program through the week but the glaring question which was unanswered was “WHAT HAPPENS ON SUNDAYS?”

What did we do?

Annapurna was conceptualised as a Sunday Meal Program in October 2018, for more than 500 children across 15 villages. We partnered with local women in the village and planned a nutritionally sound and balanced meal which includes rice, dal, pulses and a vegetable. This is further supplemented with a small dry snack that the child can carry home (e.g. banana, dates, til or rajgira laddoo, indian mithai, biscuits, chocolates etc.). Twice a year, we organise extra meals for Diwali and Holi for all the children. This program in turn enables the 20+ women who are cooking for these children to supplement the income of their families. Since our ground partners are from the village itself, we were able to provide the Sunday meals throughout the lockdown without a break in all the villages and is a continuing initiative every Sunday, even today.

Owing to the success of this project in Maharashtra we have now replicated the same model in 3 villages of Kaprada, Gujarat. The program caters to nearly 300 children via partnerships forged with local temples.


Through our Annapurna program, on our monthly visits over the years since 2018, we have connected with the children who directly benefit from this program. We hope that this little gesture contributes to the well being of every child enrolled in the program.