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Cat Sterilisation Program


Animal Welfare Medical Aid


The cat sterilisation project is undertaken to control the street cat population thereby maintaining a healthy neighbourhood cat population. A limited street population culminates into improved availability of food and medical care and also limiting man and animal conflict.

Why did we do it?

We noted the dire need to implement the ABC (Animal Birth Control) program for cats as a massive population explosion was experienced in the street cat population. We received a number of requests from feeders on the ground for food and medical help due to the poor health conditions of the cats and a spike in cases of abandonment and cruelty towards them. The absence of government backed ABC programs for cats has further escalated the issue.

What did we do?

Our project is a feeder driven initiative. We have identified feeders in different areas of Mumbai and its suburbs and tied up with vets and organizations in their respective vicinity for ease of commute and limiting the travel time for animals.We ensure that each animal that is spayed/neutered receives appropriate post operative care and anti-rabies vaccine (ARV) before it is released back to the place it was picked from. As a policy Sparsh does not support surgeries for pregnant animals.


The ABC program not only help in limiting the stray animal population in a humane way but also extends medical benefits to the animals.