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Digitalisation of Zilla Parishad (ZP) Schools

Gujarat | Maharashtra


To provide an avenue to quality education by employing innovative teaching methods.

Why did we do it?

During our initial forays into the rural parts of Gujarat and Maharashtra we interacted with a number of primary and secondary school teachers and the common issue that we observed was lack of motivated students leading to high absenteeism and poor reading and writing skills. The teachers were also struggling with lack of personnel, infrastructure and innovative ways of teaching that would engage a child enough to attend school on a daily basis.

What did we do?

Considering that we live in the digital world which also makes an excellent medium of instruction, we decided to digitize 70 ZP schools. We procured the e-learning system from Wockhardt Foundation and the entire kit consisted of a hardware system with comprehensive educational software for SSC board curriculum in respective regional medium of instruction. The teachers were also trained to operate the digitized class room.


In a survey done at these digitized schools a year later we noted higher interest in learning, improved reading and writing skills and lower absenteeism. Teachers also reported a sense of support with access to better quality, state board content and improved ability to keep the child engaged.