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Distrbution Drives

Gujarat | Maharashtra

Human Welfare


To provide daily and seasonal essentials to people from underprivileged backgrounds.

Why did we do it?

Through the projects that we have implemented for education and nutrition we became aware of the ground realities of life for the underprivileged in remote villages and that of the tribal and migrant labourers. We observed that they could not afford to buy things that would be conducive for their and their family’s health, safety and well being.

What did we do?

Sparsh has organised a number of distribution drives across villages in Maharashtra and Gujarat. The drives planned included distribution of items like blankets, sweaters, woollen caps, toys, bags, shoes, sandals, raincoats, games, sports equipment, stationary, hygiene products and seasonal fruits and vegetables. The timing of the drives is planned in a way that it coincides with seasonal changes, school events and major festivals.


The distribution drives have helped us interact with a wider audience and promote health and education.