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First Wave 2020

Maharashtra | Gujarat | Goa | Jharkhand | Kerala

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Human Welfare


When COVID hit India last year, the most important requirement was food. People were stranded and with no resources available, stories started pouring in of dire need of food for the poor.Our focus was to help coal mine workers, nomadic tribes, tribal community, migrant workers, rag pickers and other such communities via tie ups with on the ground organisations. Our volunteers and friends reached out to the distant places in tribal areas to ensure that the old and handicapped get the food kits right at their doorstep. In the first lockdown we distributed 7000+ food kits and have reached out to people in need across 4 states (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Goa). We distributed dry snacks and water bottles to migrant labourers who had started walking back to their hometown, due to the sudden lockdown from Mumbai, while organising hot meals for 1 month at two locations in Gujarat.

Medical Aid

Several hospital and Covid facilities were provided with equipment and materials like ventilators, Bipap machines, oxymeters, PPE kits, gloves etc to fight the first wave. The equipment was predominantly donated in Mumbai.


The other issue that came to light was the online facilities for students who belonged to poor families. We donated tablets to 12 such students from class 9 and 10  to ensure that they continued their education and did not drop out in their crucial academic years.

Animal Welfare

We were also actively helping with animal welfare projects and provided food to stray dogs and cats in and around Mumbai.We reached out to NGOs in Kerala and Gujarat to help provide fodder for cattle, monkeys and other animals.