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Infrastructure Development (Human)

Gujarat | Maharashtra

Human Welfare


To build, repair and paint common infrastructure and resources  of the village with the purpose of safety, sanitation and improved community outreach.

Why did we do it?

In some villages where Sparsh has launched its projects, we observed that the common village resources were in shambles and required major repairs. Lack of potable  drinking water, dirty toilets and unclean classrooms threatened the health of children, leading to frequent health issues and absenteeism from school. Availability of proper sanitation facilities plays a crucial role in keeping the child healthy and attending school regularly.

What did we do?

Till date, we have repaired and painted 2 village schools and 1 anganwadi unit. We have also undertaken repairs and restored a children’s hostel that caters to 55 children. We have also repaired and constructed new bathrooms for a girls hostel and provided compound fencing for the safety of the girls living there. We have also repaired a village well, which was defunct due to which  the women were compelled to walk long distances to the other well in the village.


At Sparsh, we have tried multiple ways to make sure that children are engaged, remain in school and get educated, to reach their highest potential and by ensuring sanitation, hygiene and safety of their surroundings we hope to contribute to the same. Enabling and supporting the community with good infrastructure enables us to forge trust and bonds thereby developing strong partnerships to break barriers and promote change.