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Masti Ki Pathshala



To provide children of migrant labourers with basic education through different modes of teaching.

Why did we do it?

The area between Killa Pardi and Kaprada (Gujarat) is a stretch of almost 40 kms. One of the major occupations in this belt is brick making. On our visits we have seen and interacted with migrant labourers who work in these units for 6-8 months to make bricks used in construction. These labourers come from remote villages which are far from their workplace and hence live in temporary plastic/bamboo structures without access to basic amenities of electricity, road, water, healthcare and education. Hundreds of such families visit this area to earn a living every year and while the parents are working, the children stay in these temporary hamlets losing out on education for the better part of the year,eventually getting detached from the education system completely.

What did we do?

We have undertaken detailed surveys and identified 5 brick making units where wehave initiated a basic education program. The curriculum includes play, aspects of health and hygiene, value education and a nutritious snack. The sessions are held at the brick making units itself and teachers have been identified from neighbouring villages. Methods of teaching include art, craft, painting, storytelling, role play, puzzles, blocks and games.


In its first year, the program catered to 140 children. We have provided these children with reading and writing material with the hope that they will continue to practice back home.