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Night School


Education Human Welfare Ongoing


To provide academic support with the focus of keeping the child engaged and in school.

Why did we do it?

On our visits to the rural belt between Kalyan and Murbad we observed that a number of children had enrolled into school and were the first generation in their families to do so. While this spoke volumes for the hard work the community and the government had put in to get these children to school, we also realized that they had no one to turn to for guidance post school hours to assist them, if additional support in a particular subject was required. The night schools were started to address this issue, as well as to keep the child engaged and in school.

What did we do?

The night class includes children from ages 6-14 and has designated days to cover syllabus for Marathi, Hindi, English, Science, Math and Civic studies. Games, social activities, value education and outings are planned on Sundays along with lunch. (Annapurna) We cater to 350 children across 9 Villages and employ local educated youth to teach them, thus supplementing their income as well.


This initiative has been instrumental in creating clarity towards basic concepts of education while promoting a strong value system.