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Onsite Treatment and Emergency Care


Animal Welfare Medical Aid


The purpose of the onsite treatment facility is to provide immediate medical care to the animal in its surroundings ensuring speedy recovery.

Why did we do it?

Mumbai is home to a number of street animals who fall prey to injuries and sickness. Timely and appropriate treatment can prevent disability or painful death for these animals. Animals can be treated in their own territories for a number of small injuries and ailments which also assists in faster recovery with no requirement of hospitalisation. Onsite treatment also allows the animals to get medical attention without burdening the already stressed and limited admission facilities in Mumbai and its suburbs thus letting them focus on serious cases that cannot be treated onsite.

What did we do?

We have procured a dedicated vehicle that is equipped with trained personnel and stocked with medicines and basic treatment equipment. The service covers certain areas of Mumbai providing basic onsite treatment and first aid to injured and sick animals. The vehicle also serves as a transport vehicle, in cases where vet consultation is required. Foster care and admission facilities are provided in partnership with other organizations /fosters and these are funded if required. Along with providing medical care, a census of stray animal population is also undertaken to plan and execute the Animal Birth Control (ABC) Program in a systematic fashion in the given area of service.


Since its inception the onsite treatment and emergency care service has been able to reach numerous animals in distress. We have been able to save lives and avert disabilities for street animals by providing timely medical aid.