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Animal Welfare Medical Aid Ongoing


To provide medical care to community dogs who could not be treated on an outpatient basis

Why did we do it?

As we continued to work in the field of human welfare in the area between Killa-Pardi and Kaprada, we observed that though out-patient facilities were available to animals, the entire district did not have any in-patient facilities, making it impossible for animals to get long term medical and post operative care. High mortality rates in puppies are common due to poor vaccination coverage and zero sterilization. Our interactions with the locals made it obvious that though they wanted to help an animal in need, they had nowhere to take the animal.

What did we do?

Under the aegis of our animal welfare project, in April 2022, we inaugurated our first animal treatment center in Valsad district, Gujarat. The purpose of this treatment center is to provide on-site care to animals who cannot be treated on the street or belong to areas that have minimal medical coverage. The treatment center was initially designed to admit upto 10 dogs at a time with segregated kennels and equipment for animals that require isolation. Based on the number of admissions we received in the first 6 months itself, we have expanded the treatment center and have created  additional space and infrastructure to admit upto 50 dogs at a time. The centre is now equipped with a CBC (Complete Blood Count) machine and physiotherapy equipment enabling timely decision making and consistent care. We have also built an in-house pool to administer hydrotherapy for dogs who are paralysed or require rehabilitation post fractures. We follow the Rescue Rehab and Release model of care whereby once the animal has recovered it is released back to the area it has been found in. During their period of admission they are dewormed, vaccinated and once fit sterilized before release.   In every case that we attend to, we give our best efforts and work with high professional standards, keeping in mind a holistic approach of  care, using various modalities of treatment which include nutritious and specific dietary requirements, use of nutraceuticals, homeopathy, physiotherapy, massage and hydrotherapy along with appropriate medical treatment as advised by the Vet. As a part of our community outreach program, we have actively started to deworm and vaccinate puppies against infectious diseases in the surrounding villages and also treating small wounds and skin problems on-site or on OPD basis.


We have handled a number of cases since inception ranging from maggot wounds, fractures, skin conditions, canine infectious diseases, cancer, amputations, etc. We feel fortunate that we have been able to make a difference to an animal’s life and hope to make a difference to the health of our community dogs.