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Sankalp Computer Lab


Education Human Welfare Ongoing


To promote digital literacy and minimise the digital divide between urban and rural populations.

Why did we do it ?

Education is the pillar on which one can build a strong future for children. Computer education in today's world, is a basic and essential requirement for higher education and job opportunities as well. Fluent use of computers for children/youngsters in rural India continues to be a challenge due to lack of hands on experience stemming from inaccessibility due to cost, distance and lack of infrastructure. In order to bridge this gap and translate theoretical computer knowledge to application of knowledge enabling pursuit of higher goals we are focusing on providing good computer education opportunities in rural settings.

What did we do ?

We have started a computer lab in Panchlai, Gujarat that provides two courses i.e Basics of computers and CCC. The curriculum is designed for a period of 3 months but can be altered as per need of the student. Both the courses cater to the age group between 13-18 years but do have students who are older and want to reconnect for education or job opportunities. In order to encourage enrolment, we have designed the lab hours such that they are conducive to school and college students and also tied up with a local organisation that conducts practical exams and awards a course completion certificate. Encouraged by the success of the two courses we offer we are now planning to introduce a course in Tally as well.


Since inception this project has benefitted nearly 120 students from 16 villages around the centre thus promoting digital literacy.