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Sankalp Tailoring Unit & Workshop


Human Welfare Ongoing Vocational Training


To provide employment-based education/skill which can lead to employment generation for women in rural/tribal areas.

Why did we do it?

Tetbari in Kaprada is a village along the national highway of Killa Pardi and Nasik. The closest employment opportunity is nearly 45 kms away with limited transportation options. This proves to be a major obstacle for women to seek skilled based employment thus forcing them to work as daily wage labourers or remain unemployed.

What did we do?

Sparsh has set up two tailoring units in Tetbari along the highway making it accessible to women. The objective is to train the women in stitching various items like cloth bags, pillow covers, bed covers, sari blouse, salwar kurta, baby frocks and school uniforms. Next to the tailoring unit we have set up a tailoring workshop which provides them with employment opportunities by generating regular work orders. Some women after completing their training also choose to work from home and cater to the orders they receive independently.


This project gives women the opportunity to make a living and take their first steps towards financial independence.