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School Adoption: Vanraj Gyan Mandir


Education Human Welfare Nutrition Ongoing


To enable and provide children with good higher education and opportunities for all round development.

Why did we do it?

Access to education is the right of every child. Most children have access to primary education in Gujarat, however this access is inequitably distributed once the child reaches higher education. Lack of schools close to home, qualified teachers, means of transport, inadequate teaching material, redundant teaching techniques, poor sanitation and poor socio economic conditions are leading reasons for children to drop out of school as they approach higher secondary education. Under its focus for education, Sparsh has digitized 7 primary schools and also manages two hostels in the region. In order to ensure that the children, after having good structured primary education continue to have access to higher education, we have forged a partnership with Vanraj Gyan Mandir, a higher secondary school.

What did we do?

Vanraj Gyan Mandir is an ungranted private higher secondary school that caters to children from class 9-11.  While it allowed access to further education it lacked the basic infrastructure that a school should have for the all round development of a child. Since our tie up, we have repaired the school building and kitchen, provided 5 additional teachers, digitized the school, provided a computer lab, initiated the midday meal program and ensured availability of clean drinking water by installing filters and coolers. The extra curricular activities include karate and physical training classes and learning environmentally safe farming techniques.


In the very second year of our tie-up, the strength of the classes have gone up by 50%. We now plan to provide education for class 12 as well.