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Second Wave 2021

Gujarat | Maharashtra

COVID 19 Human Welfare Medical Aid

The second wave went deeper into the rural and tribal areas. The challenge had changed and this time around the needs were completely different. The health care system was put under pressure as the number of cases rose. OXYGEN had become the need of the hour and people were losing lives due to its unavailability.

Medical Aid

Sparsh therefore stepped up its efforts and once again the focus was the tribal areas of Gujarat, where Sparsh has been actively working since the last few years now. We reached out and connected with the Primary Health Care Centers (PHC) and Community Health Care Centers (CHC) in Valsad and Navsari District. We procured a detailed list of equipment and material required and provided them with oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders, oxymeters, PPE Kits, gloves, N95 masks and thermometers.