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The Storeroom Project

Gujarat | Maharashtra

Animal Welfare Human Welfare Ongoing


To upcycle, repurpose and repair used items before donating it to the apt beneficiary.

Why did we do it?

The storeroom project was born out of our friends and family enquiring where they could donate items that were used but in good condition. On our field visits we noted a number of potential beneficiaries who could make use of these donated items.

What did we do?

We have a designated space where people can donate things which they no longer need. The items are then segregated, repaired, repurposed and upcycled so that it can be put to best use. Items received include things ranging from furniture to electronics, stationary, toys, clothes, shoes, sports equipment, bags, utensils, dog toys, animal carriers and beddings. The distribution of these items is need based.


Over the years this simple initiative has grown to become a successful project that has touched the lives of many people and animals.