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The power of together.

One of the founding principles of Sparsh is ❝helping those who help others❞. In alignment with our philosophy we associate with other organisations from time to time to achieve outcomes based on common value systems. We also support other organisations on project basis, for their infrastructure development and capacity building.

Things people have said about our work

The Probably Paradise Shelter in Karjat wish to thank the Sparsh Trust for their support, both financially and personally. Sparsh has always been incredibly supportive of my work. They have supported us with grants for building and feed for the animals consistently since the opening if the Shelter.We all here can only voice our thanks from the bottom of all our hearts.

Roxanne Davur

To have a Supporter who believes in the work we do, to actively involve in the problem and to provide guidance is a blessing!

Sajag Charitable Trust

Sparsh, as an NGO, has never backed down from helping others. We are grateful to this organization for making contributions to our NGO during a time of need. They genuinely care about others and are willing to assist in any way they can.


We are so happy to associate with Sparsh. They has been actively working for the poor and needy people. They have been instrumental in supporting us in our journey. Biggest support which is by creating great awareness about childhood cancer. which is need of an hour. Special mention to Rutu and Maharishi, who dedicate so much time and put so much energy in helping others with love and big smile on their face.

Access Life

How one touch “Sparsh” can change everything is the same what Panvatha has experienced. Whenever Panvatha has faced problems, we could see Sparsh, Maharshi and Rutu standing behind us as a strong support system. We are very thankful to SPARSH for everything.

Ganraj Jain

Sparsh was born out of selfless feeling.The organisation is active all over India for animals, poor,Tribal and Dalit community. They have been collaborating with different organisations for education, environment,women empowerment and natural calamities' rescue. They have been supporting the Pochabhai foundation for education, COVID19 relief work and farmers. We are the family members of Sparsh and they are always ready to help us. We are very thankful to Sparsh.

Pochabhai Foundation

SPARSH like their name - touching the lives of underprivileged children, homeless humans and animals too, in a very positive and unprecedented way. The blessed work that they do has also touched the lives of 55 plus animals at Samovila foundation. Thanks to SPARSH, our furkids have a stable roof above their heads and assurance of help during these troubled times.With Gratitude.

Team Samovila