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Our vision is a healthy and compassionate community.

We have undertaken projects in areas of nutrition, education, medical care, vocational training, infrastructure development, environmentally friendly and sustainable energy solutions to promote and achieve this vision for the benefit of human beings, animals and birds.

Things people have said about our work

We supported a couple of human and animal welfare causes through Sparsh. Rutu and Maharshi Dave are very professional and have high level of integrity. They provide regular updates on the progress of projects to donors and give their 100% to it.

Vijendra Gairola

Sparsh has touched many lives over the course of last few years. They have a vision, passion, and commitment to serve the community. It's been a pleasure to be associated with their causes.

Kaushal Mody

In a world where everyone thinks about themselves first, it has been a distinct honour to get to know Rutu and Maharshi of “Sparsh”. These guys are doing an outstanding job rescuing animals and birds of all kinds and making sure they are settled in a home, and helping and caring for people in need of all cultures, communities, castes, and diversities! Basically providing everyone with what is their basic right. Kudos to you guys for continually inspiring me!

Tejal Vora

Rutu and Maharshi have dedicated themselves to “Jivdaya”. All the projects and programmes undertaken by Sparsh have a direct and positive impact on the beneficiaries, whether humans or animals. The successful execution of long term projects by Sparsh, has been possible due to their dedication and execution at grass root levels. We thank Sparsh for allowing us to be a part of their good work.

Ashishkumar Bairagra

In the journey with Sparsh, I have witnessed authenticity in all they do. Rutu and Maharshi lead Sparsh with heart and work diligently for the upliftment of society (animals). They follow a commendable Spirit of Service to go beyond their limits to make a remarkable difference. I express my gratitude to Sparsh for all their selfless efforts and dedication.

Rohan Bhansali

Respect and Salute to Maharshi and Rutu of Sparsh for always reaching out to the indigent even in these pandemic times. Your unconditional and selfless yeoman service restores faith in humanity.

Arti Sarvaiya

Sparsh is one of the most genuine trusts I've seen. It is run by some of the most passionate and hardworking people. Would strongly recommend anyone to support their amazing cause to build a better society for humans and animals.

Dr Henna Ganjwala

I am very pleased to say that my experience of associating with sparsh ngo has been excellent and I feel it is a privilege too. My appreciation for the excellent work sparsh is carrying out in uplifting under- privileged children. By providing opportunities to needy children, sparsh is investing in a better future for India, since children are the future.

Antariksh Baldota

I have been associated with Sparsh since over a decade. Sparsh has over the years done outstanding work not only for human welfare but for animals too. I feel truly honoured to be a part of this ngo in my small way and wish to continue to do so. Keep up the good work.

Akshita Salecha

There are some episodes which go with us forever. One such was knowing about the wonderful work done by “Sparsh” . Sparsh means touch and truly it has managed touch my heart deeply. World seems a better place with organisations like “Sparsh”.

Sahil Bhansali

Sparsh has been doing exemplary services by contributing positively to the lives of not only humans but of the animals and birds for many years. The foundation selflessly provides necessary care with human touch to stray animals and birds which is end to end. Maharshi and Rutu who are at helm of the foundation are kind hearted , dedicated and devoted to their work. I feel privileged and take pride in being associated with Sparsh Foundation by providing necessary Medical care through homeopathy. Wishing all them the very best in future and hats off to Sparsh.

Dr Roma Antani