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Human Welfare Ongoing


To help the poor tribal farmers cultivate their land to sustain their family’s yearly requirement of rice.

Why did we do it?

Kaprada in Gujarat is a hilly region where the staple crop grown is rice. The farmers with small patches of land usually grow rice, enough to sustain their families’ requirement for the whole year. The traditional methods of farming are extremely time and labour intensive and like all areas of life, farming can be mechanised too, but these tools are expensive to buy or rent. A combination of these circumstances has led to a point where a marginalised small farmer has stopped cultivating his land.

What did we do?

Sparsh bought a tractor and farming equipment and created a collective of 40 farmers in 5 villages of Kaprada in 2021. This collective has now grown , benefitting  70 farmers in 7 villages.The tractor and farming equipment are rented out to these farmers at subsidised rates or for free, depending on their financial situation, thus supporting the farmer to cultivate his land.


The availability of the tractor and equipment has led to time and labour efficiency, has improved land usage and has increased production. This has further encouraged the farmers to cultivate a second crop of either beans, pulses or dals thus enhancing their family income or providing more food to their families.