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Bond Beyond Words

Gujarat | Maharashtra

Animal Welfare Ongoing


To support other NGOs working in the field of animal welfare to procure, build and repair their infrastructure with an objective of capacity building.

Why did we do it?

In our journey of working with animals, we have encountered numerous organisations that are doing excellent work in their geographical regions. We realised that,assisting these organisations to procure, build and repair their infrastructure would in turn maximise the outreach to animals and birds in distress,in different geographical areas and remote areas as well.

What did we do?

Over the years, we have associated with a number of organisations on project-to-project basis to help fulfil their infrastructure needs. These projects include procuring ambulances, ICU incubators, anaesthesia machine, special feeding equipment, rescue equipment, transport and treatment cages etc. We have also undertaken construction of kennels and catteries, flight cages, kennels for animals with special needs and provided solar solutions to such organisations in a bid to lower their electricity expenses and also have alternative sources of electricity in areas where supply is erratic. On an ongoing basis we also support procurement of food, seeds, vet consults, surgeries, vaccines and medicines.


This initiative enables us to put in practice our principle “helping those who help others”. Through this effort of capacity building for other organisations, we hope that a significantly higher number of birds and animals are able to receive timely help and desired treatment.