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To provide safe, stable and familiar environment for children from tribal regions.

Why did we do it?

Sparsh initiated the food kit program in March 2020 in Kaprada and also stepped up its efforts during the second wave of Covid, by connecting with the CHC (Community Health Center) and PHC (Primary Health Center) in Kaprada. It was during this period that we became aware of the ground realities pertaining to education and well being of children. We observed the economic, social and gender disparity they faced which, in some cases, was further exacerbated by the loss of a parent/parents.

What did we do?

Sparsh has built and manages 4 hostels. The hostels admit children between 6-16 years and are built to provide ample space and basic amenities. The children attend the local ZP schools which have also been digitized by us. This has benefited the village at large and also upgraded the learning modalities. In order to ensure that they catch up with their academic counterparts we have employed a tutor who comes and helps the children 6 days a week. Since our vision includes a holistic development, we have organized karate, singing and music classes on weekends while encouraging active playtime for an hour daily. Provisions for clothes, shoes, bags, stationary, board games and seasonal wear have been made. Along with academic education we  endeavour that the children remain rooted in their culture by celebrating each festival at the hostels. They are also involved in kitchen gardening and gardening thus ensuring that their connect with nature continues.

The terrain we work in has severe water shortages for 6 months a year with depleting ground water levels. The 1st hostel built by us now runs on solar power and also harvests rainwater.


We have taken our first steps in contributing to the well being of the children under our care and hope that this journey with us moulds them to be educated and empathetic young adults.

The extra solar power is collected by DGVCL and the hostel is reimbursed monetarily for the same, helping us take our first steps to partial self sustainability.