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Green Initiatives Human Welfare


To provide the rural, migrant and tribal population with a cook stove that is efficient and has reduced smoke output.

Why did we do it?

The smokeless chulha was our first experience in the area of efficient and safe cooking options for women. The most common feedback that we received was that the women had to make a new stove every time the family migrated.

What did we do?

From the feedback that we received, we undertook the Chulha-G project that used a similar technology, provided similar benefits but was a mobile chulha and could be carried along every time the family moved. It also gave the women an option to cook in open spaces, whenever the weather permitted, thus further reducing exposure to smoke. The stove is light in weight and can be moved easily with assistance from a second person.


Chulha –G consumes far less fuel, emits much less fumes, improves efficiency and reduces cooking time while adding mobility and ease of carrying.