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Every strong structure requires strong pillars, here are ours.

Teamwork and collaboration are essential elements of any community and we are privileged to have people who like us believe in it.

Let's introduce you to our founders, other team members and mentors.

Maharshi Dave

is an Advocate by profession and a helper by heart! Along with Rutu, he is a founding member of Sparsh. He has a soft spot for people in need, especially children. He oversees all the activities related to human welfare.

Rutu Dave

is a Diabetes Educator by profession. Along with Maharshi, she is a founding member of Sparsh. She loves animals and birds and cares for them with all her heart. She oversees all the animal and bird welfare programs.

Vijay Shah

is an Industrial Project Consultant. He has immense knowledge in government and budgetary compliances and oversees all our budgetary compliances.

Ankit Chopra

is a Real Estate Developer who loves cricket. He loves architecture and is always looking to plan buildings keeping the environmental impact in mind. He helps us budget and plan all our infrastructure development projects.

Rajesh Shah

is the Director of Shah Brothers Ispat Pvt. Ltd. He is associated with a number of charities and designs their best practices and the policies to be followed within their organisation.

Girish Jain

is a qualified Chartered Accountant and a Lawyer. He is a Director of GPJC Solutions Private Limited. His knowledge and guidance on legal and regulatory compliances is highly valuable for us.