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Big journeys start with small steps. And so did ours!

Two people got together and took a small step in the direction of helping others. That one step turned into another, and another, and all these steps have added up to where we are today.

Over the years

Since its inception in 2009, Sparsh has evolved and grown steadily. We believe that individually we are a drop, but together we can create an ocean.

We have planned and executed projects in the field of nutrition, public health, education, solar solutions and provided infrastructure development to various institutions. We also focused towards addressing the needs of the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our domain of work is not limited to humans but extends to birds and animals as well. We are actively involved in providing treatment and foster care to sick or injured birds and animals. We are also involved with vaccination and Animal Birth Control (ABC) programs while enabling and supporting various organisations across Gujarat and Maharashtra with the development of treatment facilities and procurement of rescue equipment and vehicles.

Over the years we have networked and joined hands with numerous organisations and individuals who are involved in transforming lives in their fields be it humans, animals or birds. These partnerships have proven instrumental in the growth and the outreach Sparsh has built in the last decade.