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Solar Solutions

Gujarat | Maharashtra

Green Initiatives Human Welfare


To provide solar options to families and communities who do not have access to electricity or have erratic supply.

Why did we do it?

The nomadic tribes and migrant labourers are communities that move from place to place in search of livelihood. Since they do not have a permanent accommodation, electric connection and supply is not possible. They set up their temporary homes away from the main village or along the highway where no public lighting is available. Safety from the elements of nature and inability to perform daily chores like cooking, studying etc are daily concerns for these families.

What did we do?

We have distributed 1800+ solar torches for individual use and 150+ solar lights for community use. Both these products come with inbuilt mobile charger. The beneficiaries are counselled and trained on use of the product as well.


The solar powered torches and lights resolved the issue of darkness and provided safety to the community, while meeting the lighting needs of school going children in a sustainable fashion. It also created awareness towards renewable energy sources and the importance of a clean environment.